Holding the professorship for song interpretation in Leipzig goes far beyond dutiful obligation. For me, it is a sheer delight. At the Musikhochschule, the outstanding significance of our song repertoire is fully recognised. In contrast to a singer in an opera who usually represents just one role, a Lied singer has to change character all the time. The same applies to pianists as our performances always follow a musical story line. Most suitable are song accompanists with pianistic competence who breathe with the singer, develop boundless imagination, and who are familiar with poetry and literature. Pianists are also expected to be sensitive musicians who support their partners without loosing artistic integrity.
As one of the few music colleges worldwide, the Leipzig Musikhochschule offers a masters programme and the Meisterklasse in song interpretation. A student in Leipzig is involved in a variety of projects and an integral part of the outstanding vocal department. Please find more details here.